Ohnan town

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Scenery in Japan. Mountain forest scenery in Ohnan Town


Restaurant name Roma-ji About restaurant
レストラン彩 Restaurant Irodori Restaurant inside Iwami Hot Spring, popular for the use of local fresh ingredients
いこいの村しまね Ikoi no mura Shimane Please enjoy your great meal with an amazing view.
カフェ香夢里 Café Kamuri Café inside Koboku no Mori Park. Best for tea time after a walk in the park.
万禧亭 Mankitei Near Koboku no Mori Park. Popular for traditional Japanese course.
縄文村 Jomonmura Amazing view from the table. Popular organic buffet style restaurant.
楽人 Rakujin Located on Unkai road, curry and pizza are popular.
里山イタリアンAJIKURA Satoyama Italian Ajikura Near Koboku no Mori Park. Italian restaurant using local ingredients.
焼肉一番 Yakiniku Ichiban Iwami Wagyu lunch is popular. Japanese traditional dinner for a big/small group of people is also available.
Kichi Delicious Chinese food, especially Mabo Tofu is most popular.
味亭石見 Ajitei Iwami Japanese food restaurant where families can enjoy the meal.
クリーク Creek Tasty Iwami pork BBQ and shabu shabu.
池寿し Ikezushi In the middle of Yakami, there is delicious sushi restaurant. You can also have a small party.
福沢屋旅館 Fukusawaya Ryokan In the middle of Yakami. Rooms available after having a big dinner party.
和香 Wako Night life in Ohnan town starts here.
駒寿司 Komazushi Sushi and soba combo and Iwamigyu combo are two of most popular meals here.
石州庵 Sekishu-an Udon, soba, bowls are popular.
空海 Kukai Enjoy delicious genuine Setouchi food. You can reserve a table for a big party.
通り道 Torimichi By the National Route 261. Take a break here after a long hour drive.
石州らーめん瑞穂屋 Sekishu Ramen Mizuho-ya Enjoy the ramen, which uses local food and does not include MSG.
レストラン田園 Restaurant Denen Near Michi no Eki (Roadsided station) Mizuho. If you get tired of driving, take a break here for lunch.
イナダ Inada Bakery. Eat-in space available.
梟(ふくろう) Fukurou Izakaya bar. Yakitori, grilled chicken, is recommended.
食楽酒遊 みうら Shokuraku Shuyu Miura Fancy Japanese restaurant. Set meal available at lunch, and Japanese cuisine at dinner.
かっぱ亭 Kappatei You can enjoy delicious fresh seafood and conversation with the owner couple.
よろず庵 Yorozu-an Have a meal at a Japanese traditional style house. You can reserve a dinner party with a big group of people. Miso Katsu lunch is recommended here.
お食事処MA-BOU Oshokujidokoro MA-BOU Okonomiyaki place near Mizuho IC. Rooms available at motel.
農家レストランむらび Nouka Restaurant Murabi Dry flower arrangement is also available.
お食事処 喫茶 まつや Oshokujidokoro Kissa Matsuya Enjoy a substantial lunch. Dinner party available.
Cogana trattoria da Ohnan Cogana trattoria da Ohnan Japanese style bar, Izakaya style.