Ohnan town

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Scenery in Japan. Mountain forest scenery in Ohnan Town


Lodge name Roma-ji About motel
いこいの村 Ikoi no mura A view from the hill overlooking Ohochi Basin is magnificent.
香遊館 Koyukan A lodging accomodation adjacent to Iwami Hot Spring.
香木の森バンガロー Koboku no mori Bungalow A bungalow adjacent to Koboku no Mori Park. Call Koyukan for reservation.
平徳ハイツ Heito Heights An old Japanese traditional house located in a quiet field.
福沢屋旅館 Fukusawaya Ryokan An old Japanese style hotel located in the middle of Yakami.
久喜林間学舎 Kukirin Kangakusha A lodging accomodation located in the great nature.
ペンションじろうさんの家 Pension Jiro-san no Ie You can wake up with birds singing. A quiet lodge located in the forest.
小西旅館 Konishi Ryokan An old lodge located in the ciry of Izuwa, where once was flourished by a market of horses and cattles.
ヴィラ季節風 Vila Kisetsu-fu A lodge handcrafted by the owner. You can enjoy a seasonable natural ayu, sweetfish.
はすみ交流センター Hasumi Koryu Center Has a heated swimming pool and a tennis court with all-night lights.
瑞穂ハイランドラフレス Mizuho Highland Laflas An Inn where you can enjoy the great outdoors wrapped in a gentle wind of the plateau.


Inn name Roma-ji About inn
民宿 にいや Minshuku Niiya Duck hot pot, fish course, Mizuho rice. A place of recreation and relaxation.
民宿 石橋 Minshuku Ishibashi A green roof house located on the hill. Enjoy its home style cooking.
民宿 田中 Minshuku Tanaka Located next to the trafic light after Mizuho IC exit. Ski equipment rental available.
ペンションマーボー Pension Mabo Cute rooms available. Rcommended for people who likes traveling.
民宿 日高 Minshuku Hidaka Boar meat hot pot and duck hot pot are recommended. Warm welcome by the owner and his wife.
ウッディ丸瀬 Woody Maruse A log house inn located in the woods. Have a relaxing time in the nature.
山小屋ロッキー Yamagoya Rocky Recommended inn for snowboarders and skiers around Mizuho, Asahi, and Geihoku area.
市木倶楽部 Ichigi Club Enjoy your getaway at the villa with an open-air hot spring by the river.
グリーンロッジみずほ Green Lodge Mizuho Welcome you with a chef's special homemade menu. Home-like inn.
民宿 日野 Minshuku Hino We are proud of our services. You can have a relaxing time in the at-home atmospheric place.

More inns and motels available. Contact Ohnan Tourism Association for more information.