Nobushi no yado


A rare vacation rental with an Ancient tombs made in the end of the late 6th century to the beginning of the 7th century in the garden.

You can enjoy old-fashioned work and local dishes taught by landlady, and game meat cuisine eaten on a barbecue table made by landlord who was a blacksmith.

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Name Nobushinoyado
Owner Muneharu Isobe,Marie Isobe
TelTEL.050-5207-5612(Ohnan-cho Inaka tourism suisin kenkyukai )
International call (+81-50-5207-5612)
Hotel fee 5,000 Yen
Meal experience Breakfast 1,000 YEN
Dinner 2,000 YEN
Paid experience <Fee>
1,500 yen~ 
Vegetable harvest,dessert making,rice cake making,fishing,rice planting,chestnut picking,craft bag making
Accommodation capacity 6 people
Pick up service Ohasa IC,Michinoeki Mizuho
Internet Net 【○】 /Wi-Fi 【○】

Here is the history of Japan.

Here is the area where the water is beautiful.The natural monument Genji Hotaru (Fireflies name) said to live in the clear stream is dancing.
Sake making is popular because rice can be obtained well.(Local sake brewery name is “Ikezuki”)
Traditional culture remains in this town because it is a fruitful town.