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Onan Shimane Projecture

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Ikoi no Mura Shimane ~ Healing Highland Resort ~ (いこいの村しまね)

Ikoi no Mura Shimane is a beautiful resort hotel perched atop a hill near the border of Shimane and Hiroshima prefecture. At 540 meters (~1,770 feet), it offers breathtaking views of the basin below from every room. In the fall if the weather is just right, guests can catch a view of the “sea of clouds” phenomenon that carpets the valley below. There is also a shared bath guests can indulge in while taking in the scenery.

Ikoi no Mura Shimane

There is a gift shop in the lobby where guests can purchase local souvenirs, and a restaurant on the ground floor to enjoy lavish meals. Conference, dining rooms and an auditorium are also available for rent, making Ikoi no Mura Shimane an ideal location for events and groups.

With tourist attractions such as the top-class slopes of Mizuho Highland Ski Resort, ground golf, and restaurants serving Ohnan’s A-Class Gourmet food just a short drive away, Ikoi no Mura is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway.

  • Room Amenities
    TV (satellite broadcasting)
    Hair dryer
    Electric kettle
    Washlet toilet
    Wi-Fi (Western-style rooms and lobby only)
  • Room Amenities

Japanese-Style Rooms (Tatami – grass mat)

Rooms Available: 19
✔Washlet toilet and sink
×Shower/bathtub in room (access to the shared onsen-style bath)
Note: No Wi-Fi access in room. Free Wi-Fi in lobby.

  • Japanese-Style Rooms (Tatami – grass mat)
  • Japanese-Style Rooms (Tatami – grass mat)

Western-Style Rooms

Rooms Available: 6
✔Washlet toilet, sink, shower/bathtub in room
✔Free Wi-Fi in room

  • Western-Style Rooms
  • Western-Style Rooms

Japanese/Western-Style Rooms

Rooms Available: 2
✔Washlet toilet, sink, shower/bathtub in room
Note: No Wi-Fi access in room. Free Wi-Fi in lobby.

  • Japanese/Western-Style Rooms
  • Japanese/Western-Style Rooms

Hotel Details

Check-in: 3 p.m.
Check-out: 10 a.m.
*For questions regarding room rates, meal plans, please contact Ikoi no Mura Shimane directly, or the Ohnan Tourism Association for inquiries in English.
Tel: 0855-95-1205 (Japanese only)
Website: http://ikoi-shimane.com/

Address: 2467-10 Kozui, Ohnan-cho, Ohchi-gun, Shimane Prefecture >MAP
住所 〒696-0131 島根県邑智郡邑南町高水2467-10

Don’t have a car? Click here for bus access to Ohnan. Pick-up can be arranged in advance from Koboku no Mori Garden.

Koyukan (Japanese-style Inn, 香遊館)

Located next to Koboku no Mori Garden is Koyukan, a Japanese-style inn that welcomes weary travelers with open arms. Adjacent to this accommodation is also Iwami Onsen (Kiri no Yu 霧の湯) and Restaurant Irodori (レストラン彩). Visitors can enjoy the traditional atmosphere and meals offered at a Japanese-style inn, take a stroll around the lake with remnants of ironmaking, and relax and refresh themselves in the onsen (hot spring).

  • Koyukan
  • Koyukan

Koyukan offers 9 tatami rooms, 2 of which can be combined for groups of 5-8 people. For a more private, secluded stay, there are also 12 bungalows (log cabins) complete with BBQ equipment and playground.

  • tatami room
  • tatami room

Koyukan is also home to Restaurant Irodori, a quaint dining area with western and tatami seating, so you can also sit down for a peaceful lunch or dinner. This restaurant also offers Ohnan’s famous Iwami wagyu beef (reservation required) and Iwami pork.

  • Restaurant Irodori
  • Restaurant Irodori

Koyukan (Japanese-style inn)

(Note: Closed second Tuesday of every month. Closed fourth Tuesday in August)
Rooms: 9 (All tatami (grass matt) rooms – guests use onsen bath. Bungalows include a shower/bathtub and guests can use the onsen for half price.)
Check-in: 4 p.m.
Check-out: 10 a.m.
Rate: ~5,150 yen (*estimate – please call for specific rates)
Meal Plans: Dinner: From 3,100 yen
Breakfast: 820 yen (*estimate – please call for specific rates)
*Above prices are for stay & meal package. In Japan, Japanese-style inns meal packages generally offer generous, lavish dishes. For those with smaller appetites, it is possible to make a reservation without adding a meal plan. Please confirm whether you would like meals included with your reservation (dinner, breakfast or both).

Bungalow (12 total)

Capacity: 4-5 people
Price: 16,500 yen / night
*Bath/shower in bungalow. Onsen ticket can be purchased at half price (300 yen) upon check-in.

  • Bungalow
  • Bungalow

Event Room - Tatami (grass matt) Flooring

Price: 1,100 yen per hour

Event Room

Heitoku Heights (Share House, 平徳ハイツ)

Capacity: 20 people
Rate: 3,300 yen per night per person


Address: 8532–2 Yakami, Ohnan-cho, Ohchi-gun, Shimane Prefecture >MAP
住所 〒696-0103 島根県邑智郡邑南町矢上8532-2
*For questions regarding room rates, meal plans, please contact Ikoi no Mura Shimane directly, or the Ohnan Tourism Association for inquiries in English.
Tel: 0855-95-3505 (Japanese only)
Website: http://iwamionsen4.wixsite.com/mysite

Don’t have a car? No problem. Expressway buses travel from Hiroshima Station and Hiroshima Bus Center to Ohnan, and a quick hop on a local bus gets you right to the front door. Click here to see information on public transportation.

Minpaku Homestay (民泊)

To experience day-to-day life in rural Japan, try our Minpaku Homestay experience. Visitors stay in traditional Japanese homes with town residents and participate in a variety of activities with the families, such as farming, tea ceremonies, soba making and more. Minpaku Homestay is a chance to make lasting relationships and experience life away from the city. Great for families, groups and individual travelers.

Minpaku Homestay

To reserve Minpaku Homestay, please Contact Us with how many members are in your group and the desired dates of your stay.
*English interpreters can be arranged upon request. (Interpreter fee not included in Minpaku Homestay price. Please inquire for more information.)

Price: 6,500 yen per person