Kimagure keji no sobaya | Whimsical Keizi’s soba restaurant stay

A vacation rental attached to a soba restaurant in the mountains.

It is an old private house that the owner himself reformed. You can experience Japanese natural life such as soba making, rice planting and rice harvesting.

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NameKimagure Keji no sobaya
Owner Keji Ogasawara,Michiko Ogasawara
Address1166-1 Kamitadokoro
Onan, Ōchi-gun, Shimane 696-0225
TelTEL.050-5207-5612(Ohnan-cho Inaka tourism suisin kenkyukai )
International call (+81-50-5207-5612)
International call (+81-855-83-0870)
Reservation deadline 1 week before
Hotel fee 7,500 Yen (include breakfast & Dinner)
Experience periodFarm experience changes depending on the season
Paid experience <Fee>
1,500 yen~
Soba-making, Udon-making, Japanese sweets making(Daifuku), Walk of riverside, Drying work of buckwheat, Rice planting,harvest
Accepting foreigners ○ (Japanese conversational level desirable but not necessary)
Food Allergy support ○ (We will help you as much as possible)
Room type1 Western style room 2 Japanese Tatami room
Accommodation capacity 2 people (Western style room) 6 people (Japanese Tatami room)
Toilet type1 Western style type
Pick up service Negotiable
Internet Wi-Fi 【△】 ※ Accommodation Area is no Wi-Fi

There are a lot of local vegetables.


There is a farm fresh market ”Michinoeki Mizuho” where local vegetables line up.
As well as vegetables, there are special products such as pickles and square sushi.