Minsyuku Niiya | Kagura conversation & relax guest house stay

Delicious food & Conversation for Kagura

NameMinsyuku Niiya
Owner Yoshizou Tanaka, Akiko Tanaka
Address2169 Ichigi, Onan, Ochi District, Shimane 697-0631
TelTEL.050-5207-5612(Ohnan-cho Inaka tourism suisin kenkyukai )
International call (+81-50-5207-5612)
Reservation deadline 1 week before
Hotel fee Negotiable
stay in Weekend & Public holiday Negotiable
Experience periodFarm experience changes depending on the season
Paid experience <Fee>
1,500 yen~
walking around (temples,shrines), Snack making, Origami, rice harvesting, Potato digging, Play in River, Conversation for Kagura
Accepting foreigners ○ (If there is even one person that can speak Japanese in the group, you can stay )
Food Allergy support We will help you as much as possible
Room typeJapanese Tatami room
Accommodation capacity 5 people
Toilet type5 Western style type
Pick up service None
Internet None